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Super Service Training

Timed with the Super Bowl in 2012, we premiered our Super Service Training Program, an online certification preparing our hospitality industry to host the big game. You all stepped up, and Indy was the winner!

The Super Service program has been utilized many times since launching, preparing volunteers ahead of hosting citywide conventions and other major sporting events.

And, as our industry sets to host the NCAA’s entire tournament, we are asking for your help again.

By next Thursday, March 18, will you please click on the link below and invest 30 minutes of your time to review the new modules in our Super Service Training program?

It’s self-guided and you will learn valuable information preparing your team for the games. We encourage you to forward this to any applicable teammates who will be interacting with the city’s visitors.

If you have questions, please let my colleague, John Mellinger, know.


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