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Calling All Members !

We have some great opportunities coming up for our membership.

Over the remaining months of this year we are planning some fantastic events that will also create some great opportunities just for our members. We always want to put our members first and give you an opportunity to build your business. If you would like to participate/provide any of the requests below, please email us at

  • promotional materials and/or samples to include in goodie bags

  • culinary demonstrations that include samples

  • be a vender at an event

  • tour provider

In addition to the above request, we are always looking for members to host an event. We want to hear about what you do and how you do it.

Not a member yet? Join us today. Click HERE

Remember the success or failure of this organization does not reside on one person. We all must work together and remain committed so we can continue to progress and show the value MiH can provide to the community


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